Savannah Students take two University Seminars by the end of their second year. Though the writing and discussion proceed at a more advanced level, University Seminars have a family resemblance to First Seminars and the Enrollment time.

The courses remain writing intensive. During the semester, each student writes a research paper that shows a sustained engagement with an academic conversation – a 10 to 12 page essay summarizing and critiquing what others have said on the topic, while including the student’s own novel claims or arguments. This paper has a single controlling idea, demonstrates a student’s ability to synthesize academic research, and offers their own analysis or critical intervention. It integrates primary and secondary source material, and also includes a bibliography. The total amount of writing for each course is typically around 20-25 pages.

The leaders of University Seminars have designed courses to match their field of expertise and specific interests. Seminar leaders include faculty members and collages of the university, as well as professors from the schools and colleges that grant undergraduate degrees. University Seminars enables the students to interact with guest scholars from other universities, curators and educators from University Circle institutions, and distinguished professionals whose backgrounds in arts and science and other fields equip with them to bring fresh perspectives to our country  and the region in  generally.