The Research center supports two key components of the University’s mission; delivering its aspiration to be a research led institution with an international reputation and contributing to the economic well being of Somalia.

The University’s research profile is grounded on a broad-based platform across a wide range of disciplines. It is supported by groups and programs, dedicated research institutes and individual scholarship structured around and across The University Faculties and educational centers.

Research focuses on global issues including health, complex networks, social organization, environment, economics, business computer and education. Research at Savannah University examines challenges to modern life from a wide range of perspectives, including technological and scientific advances, modern culture and thought, and applies expertise derived from addressing local, regional and national issues to global challenges, developing teams to bring disciplinary strengths together to approach key issues with global impact.

Guiding Principles

Savannah University is an open learning institution whose primary objective is teaching, research and publication of research results. As such, there is a fundamental requirement to ensure that all projects do not hinder the academic advancement of students and their ability to publish the results of our research. When working with industry, these requirements must be balanced against the company’s need to protect its proprietary information and promote its business interests.

Confidentiality & Publication
As an Open University, Savannah University is not ideally suited for the management of company proprietary information. However, as access to confidential information is often necessary to advance the research process, Savannah University can accept and agree to protect confidential information under the terms of a non-disclosure agreement.

Student Advancement
All students conducting academic or scientific research are bound by, and free to conduct such research, in accordance with Savannah University’s Principal Research and Education Policies.
Each student shall be entitled:
To publish research results and defend their thesis in a timely manner;

  • To publicly defend his/her thesis;
  • To have free and unimpeded access to all their thesis research data required to complete his/her thesis or dissertation; and,
  • To own the copyright in his/her thesis.

Intellectual Property
Ownership and access rights to intellectual property will be determined at the project outset. Each project must consider: the nature of the interaction; stage of research; common practices in the technology sector; background rights; and the scientific and financial participation of both parties.

Indemnity/Disclaimer of Warranty
The University does not assume risk for commercial use of research results. Intellectual property provided to a company will be on an “as is” basis and the company will be required to indemnify the University for its Use.

Conduct of research will be in accordance with the university research policies.

Conflicts of Interest and Commitment
All conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment must be fully disclosed at the outset of the project

No Competition
The university endeavors not to compete with the local private sector in providing research services