Savannah University Consultancy Services Unit was established in January 2014 to coordinate the entire Consultancy engagement with the University’s various stakeholders including the private and public sectors of both Somalia and the Regional Economies. The University has among its nineteen Schools and several directorates more than 80 academic with degrees of Masters. This number constitutes a very versatile source of Consultants for the Consultancy Unit.

The formation of a clear policy and policy guidelines has made it possible for University staff to carry out Consultancy work openly and to gain both financially and academically. Participation in various projects will raise the profile of the consultants and that of the University as solution providers to society. It will also provide an avenue for the staff to be fully engaged seamlessly with the productive sector of our economy and hence be agents of change in technological, social and economic transformation.

Savannah University established a special unit called Savannah University Consultancy Services Unit (SUCS) as one stop shop to coordinate all consultancy work done under the auspices of the University. This centre is guided by a broad consultancy policy framework which gives its flexibility and efficiency in dealing with clientele. It leverages on the internal expertise of academic staff with Masters and PhDs; sourced Schools and several Directorates of the University. The unit has enabled the University access opportunities for and exploit the synergy of collaboration and partnerships with other organizations in delivering of solutions to the African Region.